Camera Ratio Reference Images for Social Media Sharing

When you’re planning a shot, specifically in the case of food photography, framing is very important. However, usage is just as important of a consideration, because images can be used for print ads (portrait layout), social media (landscape and square), menus or websites (varies). Once you are aware of how the images will be used, the next step is figuring out how to frame your shots to accommodate not only cropping, but space for additional graphic design work (ads). To that end, it’s important to know how common social media sizes relate to your camera’s natural ratio.

Below you’ll find two options, for both a 4:3 ratio common with point-and-shoot cameras (like my Canon Powershot S95) and a 3:2 ratio common with DSLR cameras, cropped and full frame (e.g. Canon EOS 5DS or Nikon D7200). You can download them as a PSD (photoshop) file or a PDN (Paint.Net) file. All boxes and text are separated into layers for easily hiding what you don’t need. Remember, these aren’t absolute crop guides, they are meant as a visual aid to memorize or print so you can better frame your photos.

4:3 Ratio (Point and Shoot)

3:2 Ratio (DSLR)

If you are looking for resources to the actual sizes for social media sharing, here are some additional links that will help:

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