About Me

I’m a resident of Colorado, localized in the Denver/Boulder area, and I believe that while you should love what you do for work, you should spend more time in your life loving the many things you do when you are not working. I’m regularly involved with charity organizations that I not only care about, but also include people who are amazing to spend time around. I prefer to volunteer and meet people.

I wrote my first book in 2008, after I couldn’t find a book that I preferred, a chance encounter with a stranger who was looking for the same thing, and some free time. It was written in 1 month, and edited in the next, releasing afterwards. Like everything else, writing is fun, but I could never do it ‘full time’ for the rest of my life. I also don’t believe in fans, because I never write in the same genre twice.

I taught myself web-design in 1998, PHP in 2007, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2008, and I continue to learn everyday. I’ve built websites for years, but I’ve built tools and interactive sites other people would use starting in 2008. I design by the adage,

“Find something that sucks, and make it not suck.”

I usually try and go a bit farther than ‘not suck’, however I try and find the pain points for people and build a website or service that meets that need.

Finally, I’m an avid cyclist with a gorgeous Colorado view everyday. It is what keeps me healthy and happy (when the bike wheels don’t fail).

Find me Online

No matter if it is on twitter, flickr, delicious, digg, reddit… anywhere, you’ll find me under the tag/username: ucffool