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keystone kops by James Drury

Guide to Producing an Improvised Show | Rehearsals

This is Part 3 of a series documenting and analyzing the process of producing an original improvised theatre performance.

Rehearsals are ruined by indecision and inaction. Try it, decide, move on.

Rehearsal schedules vary depending on the cast, familiarity with the form or structure, and cast size. This article focuses on an 8, 2-hour rehearsal sessions of a brand new show with a fresh cast. To that end, the rehearsal schedule should be broken into three main phases:

  1. Discover and finalize the structural elements of the form from beginning to end.
  2. Practice the form with direct, immediate feedback on the improvisation itself.
  3. Polish the overall feel of the show as all elements come together.

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OpenStage Theatre: Anton in Show Business (Oct 2009)

It’s amazing the lengths I go for theatre… no, scratch that, OpenStage theatre. If this was a Mastercard commercial…

  • Ticket: $14
  • Parking: $1
  • Gas: $5
  • Seeing an OpenStage performance: Priceless

Friday afternoon I decided to do something better with my Friday night and reserved tickets to see “Anton in Show Business” at 8pm on October 9th, 2009. I grabbed my fedora and my trench coat, and off I went after work, leaving Broomfield and grabbing some cash before the drive. The way up greeted me with snow flurries, not yet sticking to the road. Winter, in early October. sigh
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