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Pokémon Go for Business: A Guide to Capturing New Customers (Kindle)

“Pokémon Go for Business” is a new ebook dedicated to helping every consumer facing business attract new customers. Well researched and full of specific, qualified ideas, the book helps explain the mobile game obsession to those who may never have heard of Pokémon before. Most importantly, it breaks down marketing ideas based on specific criteria, such as: Lure Modules, Gyms, and five distinct business types (e.g. Active Shopper, such as a retail store).

Available now on Amazon sites worldwide.

Included with this book are free Pokéstop icon templates (external download) and an employee handout (external download); the resources you need to get started DOING, not just thinking. The first layer of the table of contents is listed below for your convenience:

  • Introduction to Pokémon Go
  • Lure Modules: Who, When, and How Often
  • Marketing Toward Pokémon Go Players Without Lure Modules
  • Category Specific Marketing
  • Promotional/Guerrilla Marketing
  • Future Pokémon Go Features
  • Pokémon Go Quick Player Guide

Short Stories While Brushing Your Teeth

Short Stories While Brushing Your TeethHot off the heels of my 30 day short-story-a-day challenge, I’ve compiled all of them into a book called, “Short Stories While Brushing Your Teeth”. You can download the ePub file completely for free right here:

Download “Short Stories While Brushing Your Teeth”

I’m also releasing it at as a Kindle Lending Library exclusive for a few months, so you can get it for your Kindle through Amazon (free for Prime members, otherwise $0.99).

As a reminder, every other e-reader, tablet, phone, or e-book reader software is designed to work with ePub formatted books, so grab the download from the link above as soon as possible!

Book Marketing – The Multiplier Effect

After a successful launch promotion (2000+ downloads of the novella), I wanted to talk more about book marketing. First and foremost, the version downloaded during the promotion had a special note before and after the story. The note was a personal note from me recommending a few different methods for the reader to reciprocate if they enjoyed the story. This included purchasing a copy, adding a review on Amazon or other online bookseller, and spreading the word to other fans. If the fans enjoyed the story, they will want to reciprocate, and the only way to get that message across is within the book itself.
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Building an E-Book from HTML: Sample Code

Update 8/30/12: For those interested in simply writing an ePub file from scratch in a clean editor, Check out the free project Sigil. While it creates a fantastic ePub file, the Table of Contents does not carry over when Amazon converts it. However, Sigil simply creates HTML and this tutorial will give you some additional information regarding how to manually create a Kindle ready version.

I recently wrote up a case study for the audience at NovelRank.com on converting blog posts into an ePub e-book, and the experience helped me immensely. It was a bit of refresher course, as I had gone through the process to create my second book, 50 Conversation Starters for the Modern Age. Once it was built using the sample HTML code below, I used a fantastic and free program called Calibre, which is available for all operating systems, to convert the file to both ePub and Mobi (Kindle) formats. Finally, for editing the HTML, I used Notepad++, especially for its ability to do Find and Replace based upon Regular Expressions.
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