Job Interview (Day 5)

“So it says here on your résumé that you use to ‘Manage Cash Flow’ for a local business, but you didn’t specify the name of the company,” inquired the interviewer.

Diana swallowed hard. She had included that only to fill the 9 month gap in her résumé, and was sure that it was the only reason she had managed to get an interview at all. She had hoped that he wouldn’t notice. “Oh really, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to leave that off. Silly me.” She rushed to change the subject quickly, “I was the 1st assistant accountant in the billing department of Talon Electronics for 3 years prior, and received the employee of the month award twice during that time.” Her eyes shifted quickly, scanning his face.

“Yes, you had mentioned that, but you don’t have any other details here about your last job. Which company was it,” he asked again. He wasn’t going to let this go.

The economy was rough, and unemployment checks weren’t cutting it. A friend of hers asked if she could provide some assistance for a long weekend at her office, and without any consideration or questions asked, she had agreed to help out. She didn’t know what the job was until she arrived, and had never expected to stay there after the weekend was over. After being paid, Diana knew she had few other options, so she decided she would continue working there until she found another job.

“I was a contract worker, so I actually worked for my friend. She handled everything for me.”

The interviewer persisted, “Fine, but then who did your friend work for?”

The main entrance was flanked by two large men in tight white shirts which scared Diana the first time she arrived. Her friend assured her it would be okay, but even on her last day she walked quickly past the bouncers. This guy won’t understand.

“Oh, well she never told me. I guess that’s why I didn’t write it down.” Diana started to perspire, her hands moistening as each word escaped her lips.

The interviewer leaned back and crossed his arms. “Listen lady, if you’re not going to tell me, I don’t think we can have you working here. Thank you for coming in.”

Diana needed this job. “No, wait, I’ll tell you.” She swallowed again, her eyes looking down at the ground as she spoke. “Sunflower Country Club.”

The interviewer’s look grew cold as he stared her down, “I don’t think this is going to work out. Have a good day Ms. Lexington.”

Diana quickly rose from her seat, scooping her purse in her hand and exiting through the rough wooden door. She quickly passed by the main stage, weaving through the small tables and half-naked waitresses as the DJ blasted Girls, Girls, Girls by Mötley Crüe over the sound system. She pushed through the curtains and out into the high afternoon sun; on the job hunt once again.

This is part of a 30 day series of 2-3 minute short stories written for the 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 2011. You can view all the stories in the Short Story A Day category.

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