Breakfast of Champions (Day 25)

The line at the door wrapped back and forth three times between velvet ropes outside of Hillary’s favorite breakfast bar. She walked directly up to the bouncer and spoke, “Hey Lenny.” She smiled brightly as Lenny stepped to the side and let her walk through without hesitation.

The bar was full of laughter and upbeat music, packed to the gills as usual for a Saturday morning. She slipped off her thin coat to reveal a red dress that barely reached to her mid-thigh, cinched by a rich brown leather belt. She noticed her friends standing at the end of the bar and made a beeline for their location.

The top of the bar in front of her friends had a small appetizer plate of breakfast burritos and a pitcher of orange juice; they had started without her. Hillary was feeling amazing, “Last night was totally worth it.”

Her friend Tom responded first, “What was your poison? Rum? Tequila?”

“Dirty martinis while watching a romantic comedy over streaming. It didn’t help; I just wanted to curl up and die on the couch, but I kept drinking.” The memory wrote the pain over her face as she recapped the tale. “It took forever to fall asleep, but I woke up feeling absolutely amazing!”

“Cheers to that,” said Tiffany as she handed a glass of juice to Hillary and raised her own glass in the air to toast. The gentlemen quickly grabbed their glasses and they all held them up high in the air, matching Tiffany’s hand height. “To amazing hangovers!” The glasses clinked loudly as they met in the air, though the sound was drowned out by the heavy beats of a hip-hop track. “This place is always packed on Saturday mornings…”

“Because it’s the best,” exclaimed Hillary, ending the negative line of dialog. “Besides, this is where all the cute boys are, so this is where I’m going to be.”

Tom threw his shoulders back and stood up a little taller. “Damn right.” It was all Tiffany and Hillary could do to not laugh at Tom’s bravado.

The ladies scanned the room and Hillary first spotted the two well-dressed men wandering around, looking for a table. “Delicious.” Tiffany followed her eye line to the targets and nodded approvingly, grabbing her purse off of the bar stool. “Let’s do it.”

Marc finally spoke up, “Oh come on, you just got here!”

Hillary looked back at Marc, “Sorry boys, but it’s time to find someone to take home before this hangover wears off. I’m feeling… frisky!” Hillary grabbed Tiffany’s hand and they sashayed over to the young men, leaving Marc and Tom alone with their burritos.

This is part of a 30 day series of 2-3 minute short stories written for the 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 2011. You can view all the stories in the Short Story A Day category.

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