Zubits vs Klöts: Say Goodbye to Tying Your Shoelaces

I’ll be honest, I don’t like tying or untying my shoelaces. Typically, I would just leave them tied relatively loose and them over time abuse the shoe by getting in and out of it without touching the laces. Why? This may be too honest, but frankly, at the time of this post I’m overweight and my gut gets in the way and it’s not at all comfortable. There has to be an easier way, right?

Turns out there is, and the answer is in a custom closure. Sure, you could get some Velcro closed sneakers, but what if you want to try and maintain the sneaker look and snugness and get the ease of getting in and out of them without touching a shoelace? What if it is not a sneaker at all? Enter two options I’m going to quickly compare: Zubits and Klöts.

Now, I’ll clarify immediately two important details: Zubits is a commercial product you can buy and get shipped right to your door, while Klöts is a model that requires 3d printing. Furthermore, here are a few key comparison points:

Zubits Klöts
Price $20.99 Free*
Wait for Product 3 days 35 minutes*
Ease of Closing Super Okay
Ease of Opening Super Tough
Lifespan Years TBD
Chance of Failure Low Low
Colors 6 40+
Sizes^ 3 3

* Assumes you have a 3d printer already
^ Overall product size is smaller for Zubits compared to Klöts, but both offer 3 product sizes to match the approximate shoe size

Final Summary

Listen, if you have a 3d printer, there is almost no cost in giving Klöts and the world of shoelace closures a try. However, if you want to be able to just step out of the shoe to open the closure, a smaller product, and an overall better user experience, then buy yourself some Zubits and enjoy. Either way, both of these designs give you a great hold and you won’t find yourself retying your shoe in the middle of a run, hike, or stroll to your local bakery.

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