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Adding Video Presets for Adobe Premiere Elements 14 and 15

This tutorial will help you create new video presets by editing existing presets. It also includes some additional presets you can copy/paste and use right away.

You can find the existing presets for Adobe Premiere Elements 14 or 15 a few different ways. First, you can search for files with the extension .sqpreset which is short for SequencePresets. On Windows, you will most likely find the files under:

C: > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Premiere Elements 14 > Settings > SequencePresets > NTSC > AVCHD


C: > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Premiere Elements 15 > Settings > SequencePresets > NTSC > AVCHD

I’ve chosen this location because the default preset for Elements is called Full HD 1080i 30.sqpreset and located in this folder. You will want to save a copy of that default file, choosing a new, appropriate name for your preset, then edit that file in a plain text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++, or TextEdit.

What you’ll see is called XML. You are interested in the following sections:

  • <DescriptionItem> (see the <First> section for your language, e.g.en_US)
  • <NameItem>
  • <VideoFrameSize>

Editing both DescriptionItem’s <Second> field should be self-explanatory, same with NameItem’s <Second> field. For VideoFrameSize, it should be in the format 0,0,horizontal,vertical
So that a Full HD horizontal video would be 0,0,1920,1080 and a vertical video would be 0,0,1080,1920.

Once the file editing is complete, save it, then open a new project in Adobe Premiere Elements and select your new preset!

Save time by downloading the presets I’ve included below.

Social Presets for Download

Right-click and Save Link As…
Save them to your Adobe Premiere Elements folder under > Settings > SequencePresets > NTSC > AVCHD

15 thoughts on “Adding Video Presets for Adobe Premiere Elements 14 and 15

  1. Josh

    I’ve followed these instructions for adobe premiere elements 15, but when i go to open a new project the new preset isn’t there, and when i try editing an existing one it doesn’t change anything either. not sure what’s going on or what it’s doing but if i could get a video in 1080 x 1920 that’d be perfect, just not sure how to get it to work.

  2. Mike Malone

    These files are actually part of the app package. Use finder to find “Adobe Premiere Elements” in the applications folder and right click on it. Options will now include “Show package contents”, which you need to click. You can now follow the URL above from /Contents on downwards until you find the .sqpreset files. Duplicate any one of them, rename it to what you want the preset to be called and then edit the contents with textedit.

  3. recent

    When you add a movie clip to the Expert view timeline, Adobe Premiere Elements automatically changes your project settings in the background to match the clip properties. They include dimension, fps, pixel aspect ratio, and field order.

  4. Stefan

    I use Premiere Elements 2018 on Mac and cannot find the folders where to save the preset file. Can anyone give me a hint? Thank you.

    1. Jay

      I found it here on my Mac:

      Macintosh HD⁩/⁨Applications⁩/⁨Adobe Premiere Elements 2018⁩/⁨Support Files⁩/⁨Adobe Premiere Elements⁩/⁨Contents⁩/⁨Settings⁩/⁨SequencePresets⁩/⁨NTSC⁩

  5. Jim Fisher

    Thanks for the presets but…

    I’m getting a “You don’t have permission to save in this location.
    Contact the administrator to obtain permission.”

    What should I do?


  6. Matt

    More kudos Mario. Just what I was looking for to post process video files from the Autodesk Screencast program.


  7. Michael Atkins

    Bit late in the day, I know, but mine, requiring to add a PAL 704×576, was in: /Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 15/Support Files/Adobe Premiere Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders. For me, I copied the 720 one and edited the XML Specs to 704 from 720.

    Change PAL to NTSC if you’re looking for NTSC.

  8. Georgie

    Hi Mario

    I have premiere elements 15 on a mac and I have searched and searched for the settings folder, but I can’t find it. I only have a folder called Support files which only has folders called AMT & Assets in it. I bought and downloaded premiere elements from the Adobe website, could this be why?

    I am very happy I found your instagram social presets as that is what I am after, is there any other way of getting that preset onto my premiere elements?

    Many thanks

    1. jmc

      Hi, this is a function of how the Mac works… Applications are actually *folders* that have more items within them. You have to be careful you don’t accidentally change things within them inadvertently or else you can cripple your application.

      If you notice the path that they have shown, it INCLUDES the application itself, so when you’re looking at it in the finder, just option-click on the application and it will show a pop up menu, choose ‘Show Contents’ and now you will be further into the path. You can now dig further down – > Contents -> Settings -> etc. etc.

      OR, you could use the Finder command “Go To Folder” and it will allow you to type (or copy-paste) the entire path out. Select the “GO” menu while in the finder, and you will see that command near the bottom.

      Again, here’s the path:

      /⁨Applications⁩/⁨Adobe Premiere Elements 2020⁩.app/⁨Support Files⁩/⁨Adobe Premiere Elements⁩/⁨Contents⁩/⁨Settings⁩/⁨SequencePresets⁩/⁨NTSC⁩

      Good luck!


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