Change the Legal Name of Your S-Corporation in 5 Steps | USA, Colorado

After recently selling all of the assets of Dice Candies, it was time to change the name of my umbrella S-corporation from Dice Candies Inc to Slowpreneur Inc. These steps are here to help ensure you don’t miss a step.

One quick note: While many of the links are specific to the state of Colorado, the steps are the same anywhere in the United States.

1) Articles of Amendment

The Articles of Amendment are an official document submitted to the Secretary of State’s office, where the corporation is registered, declaring the name change. Usually there is a small fee involved ($25 for Colorado). This first step is critical because the document is later used as proof for all other agencies and companies.

2) IRS: Internal Revenue Service

The IRS offers a quick guide on updating your company name, with their primary suggestion being to use a particular Line/Box on your annual tax form. However, if you would rather get it done immediately (or you have already filed your taxes for this year), you can submit a letter to them. The IRS mailing address changes depending on your state, but for Colorado it is Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Ogden, UT 84201-0013.

I’ve created a template letter for you to download (.docx) which has numerous comments to guide you through the changes, though they may seem obvious. Most likely your EIN number will not change, but this will be confirmed in the reply letter you receive from the IRS.

3) Department of Labor and Unemployment

It’s likely that you are filing quarterly documents regarding employee compensation and paying the appropriate taxes, and you need to notify this department separately (they don’t just pick up the Articles of Amendment filed with the state). There is no fee in Colorado, but there is a web portal or a mail-in fillable form that requires you include the Articles of Amendment.

4) Banking Institutions

If you will be receiving payments, they will now need to be to your new corporation name. Thus, you need to update the record for any invoicing tools you use and most importantly, bring the Articles of Amendment with you to your local bank teller; they can update your company record (as long as the government issued EIN number is unchanged).

5) Miscellaneous

Logos, letterhead, website… all the little things need to be updated. Don’t forget your company voicemail and email signature!

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