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Finding Common Grammar Mistakes with OpenOffice and LibreOffice

Thursday, 29 September, 2011

When doing my second round of edits for my latest book, Trapped in My Zombie Body, I needed to attack from a different angle. The first round was a straight reading (out loud) for continuity, flow, spelling, and grammar. It took 15 minutes a page, which was 16 words per minute. The next round was to find simple mistakes for words that were commonly mistyped:

  • of / off
  • there / their / they’re
  • who / whom
  • effect / affect
  • quiet / quite
  • its / it’s
  • lose /loose

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Switching Gears: Author Mode

Thursday, 15 September, 2011

It’s tricky switching gears. I had a tough time doing it transitioning to an entrepreneur, and it’s still tricky now. The simple act of doing something completely different takes time. Sure, I did have some minor distractions for a few hours that interrupted my flow previously, but the amount of mental fortitude required was not as great as writing fiction; especially well written fiction.
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