Imagine your body no longer listened to you. You were trapped, experiencing the world in a new way: without any control over your actions. It's a world filled with sleep deprivation, mind games, and unthinkable acts.

Welcome to my world.


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Jarad had died, but as the walking dead he still had a sense of himself and an ironic fear of death. Having his mind gave him reasons to live, reasons to strive for more. Sometimes it felt futile to him; sometimes he wondered why he kept fighting so hard. All he did nowadays was wonder and worry, fret and fuss; hoping for the next big excitement. Whether it was the death of a victim, the awkward sleep, or a stuck converted in a simple house, he didn't have to like the events to quietly look forward to them. He never lived life with a lot of ambition and generally was happy going through his regular day-to-day motions. He always had the option of doing nothing before, but with that option removed, he yearned to do a little more to justify his own existence for as long as he was trapped in his own body. To him it was still his body and he simply had to adapt to his new life. He had never really considered what the future brought him. The converted walked, the living fled, and days continued forward. Maybe there was a government mass extermination planned, or everyone had joined the converted and it was never meant to be anything else. He had no idea what the outside world had in-stored for him, only what he could see, feel, or smell; as his present marched ever forward.


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