50 Conversation Starters for the Modern Age

50 Conversation Starters for the Modern Age - Book Cover

About the Conversation Starter Book

Book Summary

What is your favorite color is NOT a good conversation starter. This e-book provides fifty real-world tested and panel approved conversation starters that will get the conversation flowing quickly with one of the carefully crafted questions.

Whether you are flirting, networking at a corporate event, or making a splash at your next dinner party, with a few of the questions found within this book you will be the life of the party! These questions were designed and tested for the 21st century, to remain timely and interesting with any audience.

About the Author

Mario Lurig is an extrovert by practice alone, constantly finding new ways to introduce himself to strangers in any location. His first book was a programming reference book, which continues to sell today.

He lives and works in Boulder, CO, USA with multiple projects. He is also the creator of NovelRank.com, an online website for authors to track the sales of their books on Amazon worldwide.